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WEATHER GUARD® Introduces New Defender Series™

Weather Guard introduces a new line of truck boxes with Defender Series. This video explains the differences between Weather Guard and Defender Series.

Affordable Truck Box Solutions with Professional Grade Protection
Crystal Lake, IL, May 31, 2016 – WEATHER GUARD®, a manufacturing leader in truck and van storage equipment, today introduced the WEATHER GUARD® Defender Series™, the latest in affordable truck box solutions designed specifically for professional level protection. Compatible with any storage need, the WEATHER GUARD® Defender Series™ is now available with more than 20 products across five categories, including Saddle and Cross Boxes, All-Purpose Chests, Lo-Side and Hi-Side boxes.
“The Defender Series™ is a welcome addition to our existing line of truck box solutions,” said Jeff Kotz, Senior Product Manager at WEATHER GUARD®. “The WEATHER GUARD® brand is known for its heavy-duty security and professional durability and with the new Defender Series™ line, now there is a WEATHER GUARD® for every truck and user out there.”
With four piece welded construction and C-channel reinforced lid for professional durability, the
WEATHER GUARD® Defender Series™ provides professional features, at the right price. The new products offer heavy-duty security including push button locks, a reinforced front panel and two dual stage rotary latches with looped strikers. Additional product highlights include:
Multiple Styles: Affordable truck box solutions available in different styles including: Saddle and Cross Boxes, All-Purpose Chests, Low-Profile, Lo-Side and Hi-Side Boxes.
Multiple Colors: Available in Clear Aluminum and Gloss Black powder coat protection.
Weather Resistance: Defender Series™ truck boxes feature a D-shaped ribbed weather strip and foam along the hinge to offer 4-sided weather resistance, keeping tools protected from the elements.
Heavy-Duty Security: The new series features tamper resistant push button locks, preventing theft and allowing ease of access for the user. The rigid reinforced front panel helps deter break-ins by preventing thieves from prying into the box.
Gas Strut Support and Sleeves: The dual dynamic gas strut supported lid makes for easier access and the plastic sleeve prevents damage from moving materials.
Plastic Storage Tray: Most of the WEATHER GUARD® Defender Series™ products come with an included plastic storage tray to organize smaller tools and accessories.
No-Drill Mounting Kit*: The mounting kit requires no drilling during installation, making the process quick and stress-free.
7 Year Warranty
The WEATHER GUARD® Defender Series™ provides the professional grade durability, security and weather resistance the brand is known for at a more affordable price. The Defender Series™ now offers a WEATHER GUARD® truck box for everyone.  For more information on the Defender Series™, please visit
*Drilling is required for the support legs on the Lo-Side and Hi-Side boxes.

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Mopar Top Eliminator: The Power Giant of Love

Interesting Article about a restored 1957 Dodge W100 Power Giant from the FCA Blog, Ed.

Mopar Trophy

JoJo Bartosh, right, accepts the Mopar Top Eliminator trophy from Mopar manager Rick Berecz at the Midwest
Mopars in the Park show in Farmington, Minn.

By Dale Jewett

JoJo Bartosh has been a “truck girl” since her father taught her to drive using his 1972 Dodge three-quarter
ton plow truck in rural Wisconsin. “I begged him to drive it,” she says. “He taught me how to plow snow and
it made me fall in love with trucks.”

Bartosh, who is 40, has owned a number of trucks over the years since she learned to bust through snow
drifts. But one truck holds special meaning – a 1957 Dodge W100 Power Giant. She completed a body-off-
frame restoration of the truck in early 2015 in her one-car garage in Webster, Wis., using skills she learned
from her dad James, who worked as a mechanic.

The spotless restoration grabbed the attention of Mopar executives at this year’s Midwest Mopars in the Park
car show in Farmington, Minn. They gave Bartosh and her Power Giant the Mopar Top Eliminator trophy,
awarded to enthusiasts who show dedication and excellence in preserving, modifying or preserving a vehicle
from the company’s vast history. It is the first of three Top Eliminator trophies Mopar will award this year. The
next trophy winner gets selected at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, Pa., July 15-17.

Father-daughter restorations

Over the years, James Bartosh and his daughter worked together to revive several vehicles. Their first was
the 1976 Dodge stepside pickup that JoJo Bartosh bought when she got her driver’s license.“That truck
was a rusty mess. My dad said we should restore it,” Bartosh recounts. “We did it together, took it all the
way down to the frame. My dad was a mechanic and he taught me everything – how to rebuild engines
and transmissions, how to paint.” The ’57 W100 Power Giant, though, became a labor of love.

Bartosh bought the truck in 2002, attracted by the styling that included a conventional cab, rolled-top
front fenders and a model-year-specific front design. It had some surface rust and was banged up but
all the pieces were there. Bartosh set it off to the side and worked on other projects with her dad, including
restoring a 1958 Dodge Power Wagon that they took to several car shows. “We had so much fun,” she says.

Work on the ’57 W100 Power Giant started in 2013. But there was a sense of urgency – James Bartosh
had been diagnosed with cancer. “I promised him I’d get it done for Farmington,” she says. Bartosh doesn’t
have a fancy workshop; a one-car garage serves as her restoration workshop. The Power Giant project
started with her removing the truck’s cab and bed to get to a rolling chassis. This created access to restore
the frame and suspension and rebuild the 44 Spicer front and Dana 8 ¾ rear differentials along with the
four-speed manual transmission and 315-cubic-inch V-8. Then Bartosh cleaned the garage before remounting
the cab and bed to repair the rust and dents in the sheet metal. Then she cleaned the garage again, hung
some plastic and painted the truck in the correct Bayview Green and Mojave Beige colors. The only part of
the project she didn’t do herself was new upholstery for the seat.

The restoration was complete just in time to take the Power Giant to the 2015 Midwest Mopars in the Park
show. But James Bartosh had died two months earlier. “I promised him I would have it there and I did. But
it was bittersweet,” she says.

Mini Power Giant

Even though she says the restoration of the Power Giant was “kinda rushed,” Bartosh did not do much to
the truck after she brought it home to Webster, Wis. But she was given an old golf cart with a seized two-
stroke engine.Bartosh’s mechanical talents enabled her to rebuild the engine. Then some creative mojo
kicked in this spring. “I bought some flat sheets of steel and went to work. What I ended up with was an
adorable mini-truck that I use to take the neighborhood kids for rides.” 

Bartosh took the ’57 Power Giant and its pint-sized doppelganger to this year’s Midwest Mopars in the
Park show the first weekend in June. And, she brought home the Top Eliminator trophy.

“When I found out I was picked for the trophy, it was a flood of emotions,” Bartosh says. “I’m just so
honored they picked me. It’s unbelieveable.

Since returning to Webster, Bartosh says the Top Eliminator trophy has toured her neighborhood in the
customized golf cart and now rests in the center of a shelving unit in her living room, surrounded by other
trophies won by her and her dad.

She’s also making plans to come to Detroit for the Woodward Dream Cruise in August, where the Power
Giant will be included in the FCA US display at the southwest corner of Woodward Avenue and 13 Mile Road.

After that, the ’57 Power Giant will join her collection of restored vehicles, including the ’58 Power Giant and
’76 pickup projects she worked on with her dad: “I have a hard time letting them go,” she says.

What’s next? Sitting on Bartosh’s property is a four-wheel-drive 1958 Dodge Town Wagon – an ancestor
to today’s popular full-size SUVs.

You might want to mark your calendar for next year’s Midwest Mopars in the Park show, or the year after.

JoJo Bartosh hold the Mopar Top Eliminator trophy awarded for her restored 1957 Dodge W100 Power Giant.The restored 1957 Dodge W100 Power Giant at Midwest Mopars in the Park.

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Chevrolet Demonstrates Silverado's Roll-Formed, High-Strength Steel Bed

DETROIT — Lab tests and field demonstrations show Silverado’s roll-formed, high-strength steel bed outperforms the competitor’s stamped aluminum bed, as shown in new videos released by Chevrolet.

The campaign is a dramatic example of Chevrolet engineers’ work to select the right material, enabled by the right manufacturing processes, for the right application.

According to Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet truck marketing director, it also demonstrates why Silverado is a smart choice for customers shopping for a truck they can use as a truck:

“We engineer and build our trucks with customers’ expectations in mind. For example, Silverado features a roll-formed, high-strength steel bed because truck customers demand the ability to haul their toys, tools and other cargo. These videos demonstrate the real-world benefits of the Silverado’s bed, in both extreme and everyday scenarios.”

To demonstrate the advantages of Silverado’s construction, Chevrolet conducted three comparisons to the stamped aluminum bed of the 2016 Ford F-150. Demonstrations were done without bedliners, evaluating the susceptibility of each bed to punctures.

In scientific testing using a wedge-shaped striker weighing 17 pounds (7.7 kilograms), the Silverado sample remained intact up to 90 joules of impact energy. By comparison, the aluminum bed floor exhibited hairline cracks at just 30 joules, and was completely punctured at 40 joules.

As an extreme example of the Silverado’s strength, 55 landscaping blocks weighing a total of approximately 825 pounds (347 kilograms) were dropped into the beds of both trucks from 5 feet above the bed floor. In 12 out of 12 comparisons shot for video, the Silverado exhibited only scratches and dents that did not affect the utility of the bed. The aluminum Ford F-150’s aluminum bed sustained punctures in every drop, with an average of 4.3 punctures per drop that could reduce the utility of the bed.

To replicate the kind of accident that can happen at any jobsite, the videos also show a steel, handheld toolbox pushed off the side rail of each truck. For the Silverado, the toolbox only dented the roll-formed high-strength steel bed in 12 out of 14 demonstrations. In the remaining two demonstrations, the toolbox left a pinhole puncture on the bed floor. For the F-150, the toolbox only dented the aluminum bed once out of the 14 demonstrations. In the remaining 13 demonstrations, the toolbox left a sizable puncture through the stamped aluminum bed floor.

The strength of the Silverado bed stems the material used and how it is formed. The high-strength steel alloy is so strong, the required geometry of the bed floor cannot be formed using traditional stamping. Instead, Chevrolet uses a roll-forming process that enhances material strength by creating less material fatigue than stamping.

“Obviously, any material can be pushed to the breaking point if you subject it to enough impact energy,” Piszar concluded. “If a customer does manage to puncture the high-strength steel bed of the Silverado, they have the added peace of mind knowing steel tends to be easier to repair than aluminum — potentially saving money and minimizing time without their truck.”
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Central Valley Commercial Truck Show (CVCTS) 2016
September 3-4, 2016; Fresno, California


The seventh annual Central Valley Commercial Truck Show (CVCTS), hosted by A & L Truck Supply, will take place over Labor Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday, September 3rd and 4th, 2016. This show will benefit Fresno Club 435 and the Clovis Lions Club, both non-profit organizations. The CVCTS will be held at the Fresno County Fairgrounds in Fresno, California. This event will display semi-trucks and tow trucks from the area as well as throughout the West Coast. The CVCTS showcases live entertainment, food vendors, a kid’s area, and various commercial vendors. A judging contest of the trucks will take place to honor the top trucks in 20 classes.

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The Great American Trucking Show GATS Pride & Polish
August 25-27, 2016; Dallas, Texas

THE GREAT AMERICAN TRUCKING SHOW GATS is the culmination of Overdrive’s Pride & Polish National Championship Series. Best of show winners from the 2015-2016 shows will gather to find out who is the best of the best.

GATS also will host the first Pride & Polish show of the 2016-2017 season.

Held each August in Dallas, GATS is a three-day indoor event featuring not only the Pride & Polish event, but a wide variety of industry exhibitors and informational sessions as well.

The Great American Trucking Show is one of the nation’s largest trucking trade shows. Find a job, attend free educational seminars, get the latest information from top industry leaders or see the amazing works of art at Overdrive’s Pride & Polish Truck Beauty Contest.

Find out everything the Great American Trucking Show has to offer!
Visit the GATS Website

For a video of the 2015 GATS event visit our post from October, 2015
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Eau Claire Big Rig Show 2016
August 19– 21, 2016; Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Another great show...

For more information, go to:

The Eau Claire Big Rig Truck & Tractor Show showcases the Chippewa Valley to many newcomers and brings revenue to the local food, lodging, and retail businesses. It’s a family-friendly event with something for everyone! Watch the video below and browse the images to see how fun this event can be!

  • FREE admission and parking for the public
  • 15 acres of show grounds
  • Show features over-the-road semi-trucks from across the United States and Canada
  • Antique trucks from the American Truck Historical Society (ATHS)
  • Military and law enforcement vehicles
  • Antique fire trucks from the “Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motorized Fire Apparatus in America”
  • Customized and one-of-a-kind creations from Stagecoach Diesel Motor Sports
  • Farm Tractors on display
  • 35,000 sq feet of indoor/outdoor exhibitors and vendors
  • Live music all weekend from various area bands
  • Truck judging in several categories such as paint, interior, engine, and lights
  • Tractor judging
  • Free semi-truck rides (courtesy of River States Truck & Trailer)
  • Two parades (parade of power for tractors around the grounds and night time lighted truck parade through Eau Claire)
  • Kids’ activities include inflatable bounce houses and face painting
A portion of the proceeds raised during the event will go to United Cerebral Palsy of West Central Wisconsin. The show will also benefit the Chippewa Valley Chapter of SPAAMFAA and the Hands Foundation an organization helping area homeless veterans and those in need. The show will be a donation site for the Hands Foundation who are in desperate need of warm winter coats and boots, hooded sweat shirts, long johns, new men’s socks and new men’s underwear. Please consider bringing any of these items to the Hand’s Foundation booth any time during the event.

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Plenty of Truck Shows to visit this summer
Here are three more

Waupun Truck-N-Show
WAUPUN TRUCK-N-SHOW – August 12-13, 2016
Waupun Community Center, Waupun, Wisconsin.

Shine & Smoke Show & Drags 2016
SHINE & SMOKE SHOW & DRAGS – August 13, 2016
Island Dragway, Great Meadows, New Jersey.

No Coast Largecar Truck Show 2016
Hancock County Fairgrounds, Britt, Iowa.

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27th Annual Great Salt Lake Truck Show
August 12-13, 2016; Lehi, Utah

Great Salt Lake Truck Show

The Great Salt Lake Truck Show is a charity truck show that is held every year at Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. Truck drivers, vendors and sponsors come from all across the country to help support this 2-day show that funds the Kidney Kamp for Kids.

Every year, our donations enable more than 200 children who have kidney failure, are on dialysis, or are awaiting a transplant to attend a wonderful camping experience in the Utah mountains. Their families participate in this adventure helping to build hope, self esteem, and many friendships for their children. Those who attended the Kidney Kamp expressed their gratitude and appreciation to all who participated in the Truck Show through sponsoring/donating, purchasing a vendor booth, entering trucks or working as part of the committee. It is our overall goal to promote a positive image of the trucking industry to the public while promoting and providing funds for the Truck Show Kidney Kamp.

GSLTS image 2015
Photo from the 2015 Show
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